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Ham Radio is a program of Albert Partlow Science Foundation.
Our mission is to support the science departments of small and underprivileged schools.


Kids are the Future of Ham Radio

 Let's face it, today's youth have a technological advantage that was unheard of a few years ago.
The world is getting smaller. The entire planet is now interconnected with cell phones and the Internet.

Ham Radio is often dismissed as "old fashioned"
but if it weren't for Hams, where would we be?

Hams were key in the development of most of the technological luxuries we take for granted today.
Ham Radio needs to survive in order to keep making advancements in science and technology.

In order to keep the Ham Radio hobby alive, we need to recruit new hams into our ranks.

The next generation of Hams are today's kids.

We need to expose kids to Ham Radio in the classrooms,
and we have to demonstrate that "Hamming" is fun!


How We Help

Albert Partlow Science Foundation, through its project, provides funds and materials to schools.

We started with two small Nevada schools in 2010 - New Life Christian Academy in Las Vegas, and Community Christian Academy of Pahrump - but our goal is to eventually reach into classrooms from coast-to-coast.

We want to introduce kids to the science, technology, and excitement
that makes up Ham Radio!


How You Can Help

Your gift of radio equipment and accessories can be forwarded to classrooms
or turned into study material for the kids.

Equipment can be in any condition. It doesn't even need to be working to useful.
We can turn a "Parts Radio" or a junk box of components into funds for school supplies.


Help Bring Ham Radio into Schools!





To donate an item, send it to:

Albert Partlow Science Foundation
c/o Marty Reeves, AB5L
6813 Stillmeadows Cir N.
North Richland Hills, TX. 76182


If you need help with shipping, please drop us an EMAIL or call:


Albert Partlow Science Foundation is a 501-C3 organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

 For more information, please visit the Albert Partlow Science Foundation website.


We are also set-up to receive cash donations through PayPal, if you prefer to give that way.
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If the link above doesn't work, you can send a PayPal donation directly.
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If you would like to volunteer to be a school liaison -or if you know of a needy school-
please drop us a note.



Thank you for your support!


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